Diamond Hill Shiraz Merlot 13,5% 0,75 ltr.

0.75 L / Diamond Hill


5,19 € / L

Osta 3 ( 379 /kpl) - säästä 3%
The Diamond Hill red wine is made from the Shiraz and Merlot grape varieties. Shiraz is now considered Australia's "national grape" because it gives such good results right here. It is part of a cépage with the Merlot grape, which is known for its warmth and softness. The combination of these two grape varieties gives a dark red wine with purple reflexes. The taste is powerful with a spicy fullness from the Shiraz grape as well as softness and warmth from the Merlot grape. Diamond Hill, Shiraz / Merlot are suitable for strong and spicy meat dishes as well as cheese. Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C. Added: Sulphites Origin: Australia Alcohol: 13.5%



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