Blossa Glögg 10% 0,75 Ltr.

0.75 L / Blossa


8,92 € / L

Ei varastossa
Blossa is based on wine from vineyards in southern Europe, which gives Blossa Glögg its typical taste of dried fruits and raisins. We also add the finest sugar from sugar beets to ensure the exact sweetness that we are known for. And then, of course, there are the spices! The right spices are carefully selected to ensure Blossa's flavour profile. They are carefully tested a year in advance to ensure the perfect mix. The spices are then extracted in liqueur for four weeks and aged for a further three months. How it tastes A generous and spicy nose with notes of cardamom and cloves. The palate is full of Christmas spices and raisins and ends in a long and spicy finish. How to use Serve the Glögg warm by the fireplace or mix it cold with sparkling wine to elegantly celebrate Christmas.



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